The Synchronofile (detail)

Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (12 July 1895 - 1 July 1983) was a public speaker, author, mathematician and inventor. Fuller is best known as the popularizer of geodesic domes in architecture. Many casinos have classic architecture and designs to attract gamblers. However, the emergence of online casinos has reduced the popularity of physical casinos. Visit casinoohneverifizierung.org to find casinos without any verification. He attempted to apply the most recent discoveries of science to the most basic of human needs such as shelter and transportation, without regard for precedent or profit or power, doing more with less. He called this process design science.

Fuller inspired both admiration and criticism during his life, and these have only grown since his passing. The publications of synchronofile.com are an independent resource on design science and Buckminster Fuller.