Buckminster Fuller and the Twelfth of July


Starling Burgess and R. Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion Car. Modern Mechanix Magazine October 1933.

All of the following occurred on the twelfth of July…

1895 Richard Buckminster Fuller was born.

1910 Richard Buckminster Fuller Senior, Fuller’s father, died.

1917 Fuller married Anne Hewlett.

1933 Fuller completed Dymaxion Car #1.

1938-1939 ‘the main system of general education instruction to go on the air and screen’ according to Fuller’s book Nine Chains to the Moon.

1938 Roger Hewlett wrote a poem for Fuller titled One Chain to a Room.

1940 Fuller vacationed with Christopher Morley and conceived the Dymaxion Deployment Unit.

1957 a United States Marine Corps dome was lifted by helicopter from the deck of the USS Leyte.

1957 Fuller received an honorary doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri USA.

1966 Fuller lectured at a NASA Symposium at Southern Illinois University Institute of Technology in Carbondale, Illinois USA.

1967 the Montreal Biosphère was dedicated by Fuller to Anne as a wedding anniversary gift.

1969 the first Public World Game was played in New York City, New York USA.

1970 Fuller received an honorary doctorate from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois USA.

1974 Matthew Meyerson wrote a haiku for Fuller in the Synergetics Cookbook.

1976 Fuller received and honorary doctorate from the University of New Mexico.

1980 John Cage wrote a poem about Buckminster Fuller.

Fuller died in 1983. Here are some Fuller-related events that happened on the twelfth of July…

1984 a commemorative exhibit titled In Memoriam R B F was shown in Singapore.

1999 Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller edited by Joachim Krausse published.

2000 Ron Campbell performed Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe at the Lorraine Hansberry Theater in San Francisco, California USA.

2003 the Artaud Theater in San Francisco hosted a Buckminster Fuller birthday tribute.

2004 the US Postal Service issued a stamp honoring Buckminster Fuller.

2008 Bucky’s Ge-Odyssey presented by The Center for Architecture Foundation in New York City, New York USA.

2008 synchronofile.com launched.

2016Trevor Blake published Buckminster Fuller Bibliography.

- Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake is the author of the Buckminster Fuller Bibliography, available at synchronofile.com