Buckminster Fuller Bibliography

Nearly one thousand printed works by and about R. Buckminster Fuller. Traces Fuller’s trajectory from outsider to globe-spanning public speaker to cultural icon. Includes information on Fuller found in no other book.  [read more... ]

A Study of Shelter Logistics for Marine Corps Aviation

In the 1950s the US Marine Corps put the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller to the test. They concluded domes were “the first major basic improvement in mobile military shelters for the past 2,600 years.” Rare and fifty years out of print, now with a new introduction.  [read more... ]


[1] The synchronofile is a private collection of printed work by and about R. Buckminster Fuller, owned by Trevor Blake and located in Portland, OR USA. Access to researchers available by appointment. [2] is a publisher of works by and about R. Buckminster Fuller.